UK Covid-19 recovery strategy – international travel and furlough

International Travel

International Travel and UK’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

Earlier this week, the UK Government outlined its plan to start lifting restrictions and rebuilding the UK economy. One of the issues raised is international travel.

To keep overall levels of Covid-19 infections down, the UK Government will introduce a series of measures and restrictions at the UK border. Some of the measures will include;

  • All international arrivals in the UK will be required to provide their accommodation information. Travellers will also be strongly advised to download and use the NHS contact tracing app.
  • The UK Government will require all international arrivals who are not on the short-list of exemptions to self-isolate in their accommodation for fourteen days on arrival in the UK. If such travellers are not able to demonstrate where they would self-isolate, they will be required to do so in accommodation arranged by the UK Government.
  • All journeys within the Common Travel Area will be exempt from these measures. There will also be small exemptions to the above measures to ensure the continued security of supply into the UK, national security or critical infrastructure and to meet the UK’s international obligations.

Please note that there is still no indication as to when international travel will reopen. We do, however, expect that it might be soon, and will keep our clients updated.

Good news for migrants in the UK on furlough scheme

The UK Government has announced that it will extend the furlough scheme to October 2020.

The pay wage scheme for workers on furlough, due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently enable workers to receive 80% of their monthly wages up to £2,500. Workers will continue to receive the same, but the UK Government said that it will ask companies to start sharing some of the cost of the scheme from August 2020.

The good news for migrants in the UK that is currently placed on furlough, is that furlough is not considered as ‘public funds’. Being placed on furlough will thus not impact on a person’s immigration status in the UK.

If you have any questions on how Covid-19 might impact on your immigration status in the UK, please contact our team at