Delay in EU settlement applications

Delay in the EU Settlement applications

Breytenbachs is constantly in touch with the EU Settlement Resolution Centre to ensure speedy and successful outcomes for our clients who are applying for pre-settlement and settlement under the EU Settlement Scheme. 

Unfortunately, we have received confirmation from the EU Settlement Resolution Centre that they are dealing with a huge backlog and are currently dealing with applications from October 2019.

This backlog was exacerbated by Brexit that was supposed to go ahead on 31 October 2019. With the new Brexit deadline that is due to happen on 31 January 2020, the number of applications they are receiving are again picking up greatly. The centre confirmed that the outcome of applications would take months after the date of submission, but there are no confirmed timeline or processing times.   

At this stage, nothing is guaranteed, and it is very difficult to predict a definite date when Brexit will take place.

The difference between Pre-Settled and Settled Status

One of the questions we get asked most by our clients is on the difference between settled and pre-settled status.

Settled Status

If you have been resident in the UK for five years in a row, you will be able to get Settled Status. During this time, you must have been in the UK for at least six months in any twelve months. Some exceptions are allowed, including serious illness, study, etc.

Pre-Settled Status

If you apply under the EU Settlement Scheme before you have obtained five years’ continuous residence in the UK, you will receive pre-settled status.

When you reach your five years residence in the UK, you will have to apply again and will then receive settled status. This status will allow you to stay in the UK permanently.

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