Exceptional Assurance and Switching from within the UK

Exceptional Assurance Leave

Exceptional Assurance Leave

The Home Office has confirmed that migrants who intend to leave the UK but have not been able to do so, and whose visa or leave expires between 1 November and 30 November 2020 may request additional time to stay. This additional time is known as ‘exceptional assurance.’

The exceptional assurance permission does not grant a person leave to stay in the UK. It will, however, serves as short-term protection against any adverse action or consequences after your leave in the UK has expired. 

The Home Office also confirmed that if conditions allowed you to work, study or rent accommodation, you may continue to do so during your exceptional assurance leave.

You are welcome to contact your Breytenbachs consultant for assistance to apply for exceptional assurance.

Switching from within the UK

The Home Office also made a further concession to migrants, who intend to stay or regularise their stay in the UK.

Where a person would normally have to apply to submit certain visa applications from their home country, they can now apply from within the UK. The terms of the current leave to remain will stay the same until the application is decided.

Persons who are switching to work or study routes may even commence work or study while the application is under consideration at the Home Office.

Please contact your Breytenbachs consultant for more advice in your specific circumstances.