Good news for migrants in the UK affected financially by Covid-19

Loss of Income Covid-19

The Home Office has released new guidance for migrants who experienced a loss of income, due to Covid-19.

When such a migrant applies for Further Leave to Remain (FLR) or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), the Home Office will handle it as follows:

  • They will consider employment income for the period immediately before the loss of income. However, you should be able to show that you had met the minimum income requirement for at least six months immediately before the date of the loss of income.  
  • If a migrant received a lower salary, due to being put on furlough, the Home Office would consider the income as though the person was earning their full salary. 
  • If a person is self-employed and had a loss of income due to Covid-19 between 1 March 2020 and 1 January 2021, the loss of income will usually be disregarded.

If you have any questions on your FLR or ILR application, please contact Breytenbachs at [email protected]