Meeting the requirements of UK Family Migration Rules a Postcode Lottery says NGO

Research released by the NGO, Migrants’ Rights Network has shown that the ability of a British partner to live with a non-EU partner is essentially determined by where the person lives and works in the UK.

The NGO has reviewed the Office of National Statistics earnings data for employees across the parliamentary constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales and found that in 74 British parliamentary constituencies, less than 50% of employees have a gross annual income at or above the minimum income threshold of £18,600 per annum.

They found that someone living in Putney, London is effectively more than twice as likely to be able to meet the requirements as a worker in Blackpool South. The organisation calls for the UK Government to reduce the income requirement to a level that can be realistically be reached by workers across the UK, with the level of the National Minimum Wage a sensible place to start.

Currently, everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of the judgement on the family migration appeal, lodged by the UK Home Office. The appeal was heard in March 2014, and judgement is being awaited.

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