New concessions on switching from within the UK

Business purposes

The Home Office has announced a further concession for people applying to switch into long-term immigration routes if their current visas expire after 31 July 2020.

Persons can now also apply to switch from within the UK if their current leave expires after 31 July 2020, and they need to make a new application urgently. This concession might apply for cases where the person is starting a new job or a new course of study, and cannot leave the UK to make the application from overseas.

The Home Office said this would include applications to switch into different work routes or to change jobs in the same route using a new Certificate of Sponsorship.

This concession will also apply to persons whose leave has already been extended to 31 July 2020.

You will still need to fulfil the standard requirements of the new immigration route. The terms of your current leave will remain the same until the application is decided.

For further advice and for assistance to make use of this concession, please contact our Business Migration Team.