Shortage Occupation List – review by MAC

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has reviewed the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). Most role-players hope that the Home Office will accept all the recommendations of the MAC.

The MAC says that the labour market has changed significantly since it last conducted a review of the SOL in 2013. According to the MAC; unemployment is now lower, there are more job vacancies and free movement is no longer providing the ready supply for UK employers. The MAC also said there is considerable uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the future immigration system, which leads to a high level of employer concern.

If this greatly expanded list of Shortage Occupations is accepted, it will be very good news for non-EU citizens who are looking for opportunities to live and work in the UK.

The jobs that MAC proposes to include on the Shortage Occupation List

If all the proposals by MAC are accepted, there will be a many more job titles on the SOL.

  • All jobs in the occupation code for biological scientists and biochemists;
  • Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, design and development engineers, production and process engineers, engineering professionals;
  • All jobs in the occupation code IT business analysts, architects and system designers;
  • Programmers and software development professionals, web design and development professionals;
  • Medical practitioners, Psychologists, Veterinarians, Medical radiographers, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Nurses;
  • Secondary Education teachers in the subjects of Maths, Physics, Science, Computer Science and Mandarin;
  • Social Workers;
  • Paramedics;
  • Some jobs in the Occupation code, Dancers and Choreographers and Musicians;
  • All jobs in the occupation code Graphic Designers;
  • Some jobs in the Welding trades.

Clients must please note that these are only proposals, and not part of the Shortage Occupation List yet. We will notify clients via our newsletter and social media as soon as there are any changes to the SOL. You can also read more about the Tier 2 Skilled Worker rules to find out more about the Shortage Occupation List.