UK Ancestry Visa FAQ

Can one apply for more than one UK Ancestry Visa?

The UK Ancestry Visa is granted for a period of five years. At the end of successful completion of a five-year period on an Ancestral visa, the holder can apply for permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain. This is subject to certain requirements.

If the applicant does not meet the criteria required to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain then an application may be submitted for the extension of the Ancestry Visa status.

If you left the UK, and your ancestry visa expires, you will be allowed to apply for another Ancestry visa from your home country.

Is there an age limit on who can apply for the UK Ancestry Visa?

An applicant must be 17 years of age or older, to apply. There is no age limit. However, you will have to prove an intention and ability to work in the UK.

Do I have to work whilst on the UK Ancestry Visa?

One of the rules of the Ancestral Visa is that you must be able to work and intend to work whilst in the UK on this status. If it is not your intention to work, and you confirm this in your application, the application will be refused.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain after five years on this visa, the applicant must be able to provide evidence that they have indeed been working during the five years of their visa.

Will my spouse/civil partner/unmarried partner and children be able to join me in the UK on this visa?

Yes, you can apply for your spouse /civil partner or unmarried partner to join you in the UK. This also include dependant children under 18 years of age. They will be receive the same period of leave as the main applicant. They will also be able to work without restriction.

Can adopted and step children also claim the UK Ancestry Visa?

A person can apply for the UK Ancestry Visa if they are adopted. Or if the parent through whom they are claiming ancestry is an adopted child.

There is however, unfortunately no claim to the UK Ancestry Visa through step-parents.

Can I start my own business whilst on the UK Ancestry Visa?

Yes, you can start your own business. One of the advantages of this visa is, that there are no work restrictions.  You can take up employment or self-employment or combine the two.

Do keep in mind that if you qualify to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, you have to prove that you have worked during the five years on the UK Ancestry Visa.

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