TLS – Major issues with new front end service

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants would like to warn clients that we are seeing major issues with the new front end service by TLS.

TLS, the visa service provider for the Home Office and British Consulates are aware of the problems. However, everything is happening frightfully slow, and we have no control over these issues.

Some of the frustrations experienced by clients using the TLS new front end service include;

  • Issues with the online appointment booking system.
  • All applications are now dealt with from within the UK. Once an application is submitted, it is being dealt with in the UK. One cannot query from outside the UK, where it was submitted.
  • The processing times are a massive issue, and one cannot rely on the processing times provided by the Home Office or the TLS.
  • When applications are finalised there is still a delay with passports not arriving at TLS.

We would, therefore, like to warn clients about the above frustrations at TLS. We are doing our utmost to try and solve these issues, but it is unfortunately out of our hands. It seems as if there are some miscommunication between the systems and nothing is lining up at this point in time. For now, we want to warn our clients that the process has changed, and there are glitches they are sorting. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything whilst they are ironing out the new system.

For more information, please contact us or please feel free to discuss directly with your immigration consultant.