Travel to South Africa – Update on reopening of borders

Travel to South Africa

The South African Minister of Home Affairs held a media briefing regarding the reopening of borders and services during Lockdown Level 1 on 30 September 2020. The Department of Home Affairs also confirmed what was said in a statement later in the day.

South African Visas and Visa Services

The Department of Home Affairs will extends the validity period of legally issued visas that expired during the lockdown. All such visas will be extended to 31 January 2021.

Holders of such visas can stay in South Africa under the conditions of their visas until 31 January 2020. Persons that wish to leave South Africa can do so, without being declared undesirable.

They also confirmed that visas services in the following categories will resume;  

Visitor visas, Study visas, treaty visas, business visa, crew visa, medical treatment visa, relative’s visa, general work visa, critical skills work visa, intra-company transfer work visa, retired person visa, corporate visa, exchange visa, waiver of prescribed requirement and appeals or reviews contemplated in section 8 of the Immigration Act.

Some of the above services will also be available at missions abroad.

Our SA Immigration Department will be able to assist clients with these visa services. Please feel free to contact us.

Travel to South Africa

Persons who wish to travel to South Africa for business purposes from a country listed as having a high Covid-19 infection and transmission rate, will be able to apply for special permission to do so.

Please speak to our SA Immigration Department for assistance in this regard.

Leisure Travel to South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs has published a list of countries that are regarded as high-risk countries. Persons from these countries will not be allowed to travel to South Africa for leisure activities. The list will be reviewed every fortnight.

Countries that are among others included on this list are; USA, UK, United Emirates, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Please also see our earlier article on the requirements for international travellers to South Africa.