UK Passport backlog – additional measures announced for British nationals overseas

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement that Her Majesty’s Passport Office is dealing with the highest demand for passports in 12 years. The demand continues to be high
and the Home Secretary has announced a series of additional measures to ensure that people and families are able to travel overseas.

Additional services that will be provided to British Nationals overseas include;

  • Passport extensions – British nationals who live overseas and whose passports have expired within the last six months or are due to expire in the next 3 months, can now have their passport extended for 12 months with an official stamp in their existing passport. Please contact your closest British Embassy or Consulate for eligibility and criteria.
  • Emergency Travel document – persons who have already made an application for a new passport are not allowed an extension in their current passport, but can apply for an emergency travel document.