UK Tourist Visas

Question: I want to sponsor my mother to come and visit me in the UK. She is from South Africa. What is the amount of savings one would need to sponsor her?

Answer: There is not a set amount needed as the rule only states that the applicant should prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves without needing help from public funds.

It all depends on the amount of time your mother will spend in the UK and the fact that she will not have to pay for food and accommodation while on her visit. You will need to work out what the cost would be for her visit; including flight tickets, any UK travel cost and spending. You will need to clearly show the British High Commission that these funds are available.

We recommend having a consultation with one of our immigration consultants in order to make sure that you get all the correct paperwork together. We will also be able to assist your mother with the whole process of the application. Please see the Contact Us tab for the contact details of our SA affiliate offices.