Zimbabwean Art, its symbols and meanings

Zimbabwean Art

One of our clients, Gillian Atherstone, a preeminent expert in African has written a book on Zimbabwean Art, its symbols and meanings. It is a beautiful art book with 210 images and is published by an Italian publisher. The book be will out in September 2020.

They are raising the cost of publishing, and are doing it through pre-sales of books.  If you are an art lover or have an interest in African art, please support them via the following pages; Gofundme –   https://gf.me/u/x6zs4w or via their website;  https://www.zimbabwe-art.com/

More about the author Gillian Atherstone

Curator of traditional and contemporary art, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, 1979-1988. 

The book is the culmination, for the author, of a life-long pursuit of the meaning of art, and African art provided a key, the insight that mind computes according to two codes of meaning, the material code and the aesthetic code, and that the phenomenon of art marries both in one supreme moment of understanding. Born and having lived in Zimbabwe for 70 years, the author was privileged to begin a career collecting, researching and exhibiting Africa’s art at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, firstly as Exhibitions Officer, then Curator, from 1979 to the end of the ’80s curating exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally, and establishing the National Gallery’s Collection of Zimbabwean historic art.  From the ’90s onwards, she joined the private sector, opening galleries in Harare,  featuring art from Zimbabwe and other African countries. 

Her involvement with the remote communities of Zimbabwe continued not only through collecting art but also through opening a small voluntary charity (communities-can-do-it.com) to support communities and individuals caring for large numbers of orphaned children. Her hope is that this book is a contribution towards the growing drive to reclaim African cultural realities as a source of key principles for the future.