Determination of Citizenship

It is important that South African citizens obtain the necessary permission from the SA authorities, before obtaining citizenship from another country. This way their SA citizenship is protected and they are able to hold dual citizenship.

However, if you are unsure or concerned that you have lost your South African citizenship, it is possible to do a determination of your SA nationality status, with the assistance of BIC.

This determination will be in the form of a letter from the SA Department of Home Affairs, which will likely confirm one of the following;

(1) If UK Nationality was obtained through naturalisation:

  • SA Citizenship was lost the day the second nationality was granted;
  • As a former SA Citizen by birth, you still hold the right to SA permanent residence status; or
  • Upon permanent return to SA, you can apply to have your citizenship re-instated


(2) If other nationality was obtained through descent:

  • Applicant is still seen as a SA Citizen by birth

The first letter stated above will enable you to travel to SA whilst utilising your second passport, without having any difficulty at the SA port of entry. Without this letter, you will likely be fined since the current SA Citizenship Act stipulates that any person who has the right to a SA passport, must enter and leave South African borders on his/her SA passport and not a foreign one (your place of birth in your overseas passport is shown as South Africa).

BIC will gladly assist you with the determination of your SA nationality.