Long Term Permits

There are numerous permits to be considered by potential longer term visitors to South Africa. BIC will advise you on the most suitable permit for you, in line with the latest regulations of The South African Department of Home Affairs, giving you the greatest chance of a successful application.

The following is a very brief discussion of options available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Diplomatic Permit
  • Study Permit
  • Treaty Permit
  • Business Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Retired Persons Permit
  • Corporate Permit
  • Exchange Permit

Diplomatic Permit

This permit is available to persons with diplomatic status. Family members can apply for work permits.

Study Permit

This permit is available to those who wish to study in South Africa. An applicant will be able to take up part time employment not exceeding 20 hours per week during term time and may take up full time employment within the holiday period of studies, if enrolled for higher education. If an applicant needs to undertake practical training, which will form part of his studies, permission should be obtained from the SA Department of Home Affairs. Apart from various other general requirements, an applicant will have to provide a letter from the relevant academic institution to confirm the course to be taken, period of studies and that fees have been paid. Medical provision for minor children must also be confirmed.

Treaty Permit

A treaty permit can be obtained if the applicant is a citizen of a country with which SA has a treaty program. The applicant will inter alia be required to provide a letter from the country with whom SA has international agreement to confirm the details of the treaty program, confirmation that the applicant will form part of this program, description of the applicant’s activities whilst in SA, expected period of residence in SA and confirmation as to whether the applicant will be expected to be employed or not.

Business Permit

A person can apply for a business permit if they can invest a minimum amount of R2 500 000, but can apply through the SA Department of Trade and Industry to qualify for a lesser investment amount provided that the proposed company falls within specific sectors of the South African economy. Employment creation and tax compliance is of utmost importance. Categories available split into applicants who wish to establish a new company in SA and those who wish to invest in an established company in SA.

Work Permit

Various general requirements apply under this category. Please contact us for more information. Applications for this permit split into the following categories: Quota Work Permit, General Work Permit, Exceptional Skills Work Permit, Intra Company Transfer and Corporate Worker Permits.

Retired Persons Permit

Under this category an applicant can qualify if they have R20 000 per month pension income.

Corporate Permit

This permit is given to an employer. Apart from other general requirements to qualify for this permit, the employer must inter alia undertake to pay 2% of the employee’s salary to the SA department of Home Affairs.

Exchange Permit

Exchange permits can be arranged for studies, cultural, economical & social issues, as well as for work purposes.